Adult Tennis Coaching

September 2017

Tennis Xpress - new course starting from 9th September              

Saturdays 11-12.30pm. Text Jonathan to register 07970 167234 state your 'name' and 'tennis xpress'. 

It's for total beginners or rusty rackets who haven't played...since school!? I'll show you how to hold the racket and with the low compression balls you'll be playing points by the end of session 1. A great way of excercising & learning a new skill so you can play with family & friends. 

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Beginners coaching runs on Saturday's 10-11am

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Improvers coaching runs on Tuesday's 7-8.30pm

A more advanced session where players can rally from the baseline.

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Lower Team coaching runs on a Monday 6.30-7.30pm

Higher Team coaching runs on a Monday 7.30-8.30pm

Free team coaching session on Monday 11th. Come along. Members Only.


Non members pay an additional £2. During the dark nights floodlights cost £1.50. Pay & Play (ad hoc - if you can't attend most of a course) £6/hr. non members £8/hr.

Course Dates

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