About Us

Who are we?

Jonathan Newton started Gateshead Tennis in 1999 when he became Head Coach of Blaydon Tennis Club. We are a team of 5 coaches (Ian, Jonathan, David, Andy, Grace not pictured) and believe everyone would be better if they played some tennis. Whether its a game with a friend once a month or a coaching group and a 1 to 1 every week. Obviously the more we teach you the better you'll get. Any age, any fitness, any skill level we can help you achieve the level you want.  

What we do?

Coach tennis mainly to children within the mini tennis and squads programme. Warriors is the name of our performance programme where players play twice a week plus a 1-1 lesson. We run 3 levels of adult coaching, xpress is for beginners, improvers is for players who can rally from the baseline and team coaching is doubles tactics. 

Why tennis?

Lots of stats come out about sports and tennis is always highly ranked. It keeps your brain healthy, sloving the problem of winning a point, great for bone strength - 2nd only to swimming. You work on strength, running after the ball and swinging & turning to hit it. It's good for cardio and if you enjoy a warm up theres stretching in that as well helping flexibility. Make friends, learn together and compete against each other. All outside in the fresh air, surrounded by trees and a river whilst soaking up the sun.    

Head Coach

Jonathan mentored several club juniors through their coaching awards: Ian Pearson and newly qualified Grace Dixon are club coaches. Phil Holmes is part time along side a new car sales job. David Esther is another Gateshead Tennis coach, but qualified from outside the area and has since become the performance coach at Bristol. Grace is a nationally ranked player with a 2.1 rating. She is adding a performance outlook to the team and is very keen to get more girls playing tennis.

Through the high standard of development and a massive amount of work from club chairman David Rochester, Blaydon TC opened 3 floodlit hard courts in 2007 for juniors and coaching. This brought the court count to 9 and made Blaydon one of the biggest clubs in the North of England.

 In 2008 Blaydon TC was awarded Club Mark status by Sport England, a kite mark award for excellence in management and coaching.

Jonathan is a Senior Club Coach (level 4) and is using this to further enhance the quality of the coaching programme with up to date coaching techniques and terminology.