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Racket Restring


We offer a professional racket stringing service. From the moment you decide to restring your racket we will guide you through string selection and tension. If you wish to customise your racquet, whether it be replacing or enlarging your grip or adding weight to your racquet this can be discussed at the time.

Stringing Process

A one piece restring gives a more uniform string bed tension across the whole racquet face. We advise that most club players should choose a one piece synthetic gut (multifilament). However for chronic string breakers a one piece monofilament string is recommended. A two piece restring is durable because of the monofilament mains but gives the character of the synthetic gut crosses e.g. feel, control, power (mix and match on page 4 of the price guide). Once your racket has been strung and an overgrip put on, it will be stencilled with the racket makers logo and placed in a polythene bag with the date, string & tension.


Restring your racket as many times a year as you play in a week. Select the string as carefully as you selected the racquet frame. Experiment with different types of string and tensions - find the one that suits you best. A good string will transform your game and you will start to play the shots you dreamed of. Let's face it professionals take a HUGH amount of care chosing their string and tension.


Current String



Champions Choice £35
Savage Duo   £24
NXT Duo II   £24
K-Gut 16  £25
NXT 16 £23


Premier LT 16 £22
Premier Attack 16 £21
Beast XP 17  £22


Alu Power rough 125 £24 
Adrenaline 125 £22
Savage Lime/ Black 127 £22
M2 Plus 130 £25


Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour £21
RAB Texflex £18 
RAB Enduraflex £16 
MSV Focus Hex £18 
Match Pro £15

All Wilson, Luxillon and Prince strings are available and can be ordered before noon for next day delivery giving you a selection of over 100 strings.