Useful Information



  • All new players are welcome to try a session for free whether you are 3 and want to try tots tennis or an adult who wants to try the tennis Xpress coaching session. Send me a text with your details so I can inform the coach of an extra player (Jonathan 07970167234).
  • We can provide rackets for juniors and adults and give you advice before buying a racket.
  • Bring a drink and a snack to your coaching session and dress for the conditions.
  • When you are paying for a course online if you want 2 players on the same course you have to seperate the payments to get both players on the coaches register. If you simply add x2 courses then only the first player (default) will appear on the register.
  • Forgotton your password? Text me and I can reset it. I can also check your user name. Jonathan 07970167234


Course payment
Please pay online and fill in ALL player details. The coach will access this info via the online register. No payment no insurance.

Early payment discount
Save approx 10% by paying early before the first session. There will be no discounts after the first session. 

Late payment fee
£10 will be added to the course fee if we recieve payment after the course has finished.   

Cancelled Sessions & Refunds
If the coach cancels a session, usually due to the weather, you will receive a text off him - a good reason to keep your details updated online so its on his register.  This will include other sessions for you to attend to make up for the cancelled one eg Saturday mini red cancelled, attend Monday mini red instead. This means you keep playing tennis! If you can't make any alternative sessions ask the coach for a code for the next terms coaching.

Term Dates

Term 4

Sat 17th Feb to Sun 25th March (6 weeks)

Easter Fri 30th March - Fri 13th April (2 weeks)

Term 5

Monday 16th April to 25th May (6 weeks)

May Half Term Mon 28th- Fri 1st (1 week)

Term 6

Monday 4th June to Friday 20th July (7 weeks)

Summer Holidays (6 weeks)

Start Mon 24th July until Friday 1st September (6 weeks) 


A General Weeks Guide to Coaching

Progression...Mini Tots to Mini Red to Mini Orange to Mini Green
Squads Progression .....Blue Sq1 to Girls Sq2 to Bronze Sq3 to Silver Sq4 to Gold Sq5

MONDAY Mini Red 5-6pm          (5-8yrs)
Mini Orange 6-7pm    (9/10yrs)
Mini Green 6-7pm       (10/11yrs) currently combined with Orange 

Silver Squad 5-6.30pm (Squad 4)


Blue Squad 5.30-7pm (Squad 1) 

Tennis Improvers Adults 7-8.30pm 


Bronze Squad 5.30-7pm (Squad 2)

U9 & U8 Team Coaching 5-6pm

THURSDAY Gold Squad 5.30-7pm (Squad 5)

Tennis Beginner Adults 10-11.30pm

Tots 10-11am (3-5yrs)

Mini Red beginner 11-12noon (5-8yrs)

Mini Red improver 12-1pm (5-8yrs)

Mini Orange 1-2pm    (9-10yrs)

Mini Green/ Blue Squad 2-3pm  (10-15yrs) Squad 1 


7's Warrior 9.30-10.30am

9's Warrior 10.30-11.30am

10's Warrior 11.30-12.30pm